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Breathing its fire above the glaciers of Iceland, the dragon of the north perches atop the icy peaks and releases a scent of powdered Amethyst & Iris. Bask in the majesty and grandeur of this mythical beast. 


The Dragon Fire candle brings empowerment and elegance. A floral musk scent


Top notes: Pink Grapefruit and Green Notes

Middle notes: Blue Iris and Bulgarian Rose

Base notes: Heliotrope and Wood. 


Scent type: floral and green


A Dust cover and box will be included in the Dragon Fire candle to preserve its fragrance and wax. 



  • 100% fire orange soy wax candles in 150ml
  • Home made and hand crafted with love 
  • Made using top of the line of soy wax, wooden wick, and fragrance oils
  • Tube wooden wick
  • Light your candles and chill to our pink croissants soul lounge music on spotify
  • Lead time: 5 working days 

Soy candle care instructions: 


  • Burn at a well ventilated room
  • Burn on heat resistant surface, and burn on top of a candle coaster 
  • First lighting: Light your Elska candle for 30 minutes then put out the fire
  • Trim tube wood wick to 1/8" above the unmelted wax each time the candle is lit
  • Do not burn Elska soy wax candles for more than 1 1/2 hours 
  • Never leave burning candle unattended
  • Keep out of reach of children, pets, and flammable materials
  • Container will be hot when lit 
  • Allow to cool before relighting 

note: sale items will be packed in a white candle box